Used test: Mazda 6 vs Skoda Superb costs

Buy either of these smart and spacious executive cars at two years old and you'll save yourself a handsome sum, but which one makes the better buy? We have the answer.....

MAzda 6 driving

Buying and owning

Costs, equipment, reliability, safety and security

There’s a healthy saving to be made on both of these cars bought at two years old; you’ll save around £10,000 on either of them. Resale values for both are, in fact, quite strong, so you shouldn’t lose too much on either of them if you were to keep them for a few years.

The 6 will cost a little more to insure and service, but the Superb will cost more to fuel. Meanwhile, the Superb is the better equipped of the two, with a few luxuries thrown into its modest used asking price. The 6 looks a little stingy in comparison but still gets the basics, including climate and cruise control.

Skoda Superb driving

If you like your posterior to be toasted on winter mornings, you’ll be pleased to hear that heated front seats are standard on the Superb. As for the 6, these feature only on the catchily named SE-L Lux Nav+ trim and above.

As far as reliability goes, the Superb finished in 11th place in the executive car class in our most recent reliability survey, while the 6 ranked 15th. Skoda as a brand finished in ninth place out of 31 manufacturers, while Mazda was 17th.

Skoda Superb Euro NCAP crash test

The 6 and Superb scored five stars in the Euro NCAP safety tests – albeit under quite old, less stringent criteria – with the latter doing a little better. And while the 6 gets automatic emergency braking, blindspot monitoring, lane-keeping assistance and rear cross-traffic alert (which warns you of approaching cars when you’re reversing into a road), lane-keeping assistance was an option on the Superb when new, and rear cross-traffic alert wasn’t available.

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