Vauxhall Mokka-e long-term test: report 2

Vauxhall’s smallest SUV is back and is now available as an electric car for the first time. We’re finding out what it’s like to live with...

Mokka-e LT trying to charge

The car Vauxhall Mokka-e 50kWh Elite Nav Premium Run by Neil Winn, Hubs Editor

Why we’re running it To find out how easy it is to go electric and to see how well the Mokka-e stacks up against an ever increasing number of small electric SUV rivals

Needs to Be practical, deliver a relaxing driving experience and have a long enough range to be viable as an only car

Mileage 920 List price £34,580 (not including £2500 gov’t grant) Target Price £33,142 Price as tested £35,230 Test range 151 miles Official range 201 miles

4 September 2021 – The electric revolution is here

We’ve heard the phrase “The electric revolution is here” many times of late, but is it really? Well, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been in the unique position of running an electric car, in the form of my long-term Vauxhall Mokka-e, alongside two electric motorcycles: a Zero SR/S and a Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Harley Davidson LiveWire and LT Mokka-e

So, what have I learned from my time with this small fleet of fully electric vehicles (EVs)?

First, the Mokka-e and both electric bikes make for great commuter vehicles. With no gears to worry about (the bikes essentially feel like big mopeds) and instant torque on tap, they make it very easy to zip into tight gaps or beat Uber drivers away from the lights. At times I missed the sound of a thumping V-twin petrol engine when riding the Harley, but I also liked being able to start the bike at 7am without waking the neighbours. 

Harley LiveWire Charging

Second, I was genuinely surprised at how interested the general public are in EVs. On a recent trip to my local biker cafe, I was taken aback by the positive interest in the LiveWire. Everyone from sportsbike riders to traditional Harley enthusiasts wanted to have a poke around the bike, and they all had genuinely interesting questions: “What size is the battery?”, “How fast can it charge?”, “Do you miss the noise?”, and so on.

It made me realise that the appetite for EVs is there, even among fairly conservative bikers. Sadly, as I found when I drove an electric car around the country for a What Car? feature where we rated every major charging network, the manufacturers and charging providers need to do a better job of supporting and educating the general public.

Zero SR/S Cornering

That brings me to my final point. I’m guaranteed a spot at a charger when I arrive at work, so range anxiety doesn’t even factor into my commute. But I still can’t help feeling that the charging network needs improvement. In one weekend I had two failed charges on the Harley, and experiences like that knock your confidence and kill your sense of adventure – two feelings motorcyclists – and indeed plenty of motorists – crave. 

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