Vauxhall Mokka-e long-term test: report 3

Vauxhall’s smallest SUV is back and is now available as an electric car for the first time. We’re finding out what it’s like to live with...

Mokka-E LIDL 1

The car Vauxhall Mokka-e 50kWh Elite Nav Premium Run by Neil Winn, Hubs Editor

Why we’re running it To find out how easy it is to go electric and to see how well the Mokka-e stacks up against an ever-increasing number of small electric SUV rivals

Needs to Be practical, deliver a relaxing driving experience and have a long enough range to be viable as an only car

Mileage 1263 List price £34,580 (not including £2500 gov’t grant) Target Price £33,142 Price as tested £35,230 Test range 151 miles Official range 201 miles

17 September 2021 – A Lidl bit of charge

We're all creatures of habit, and when our capacity for learning new things subsides, we tend to fall back into our most familiar routines. That’s why I’ve recently found myself shopping exclusively at Lidl whenever I'm in my Vauxhall Mokka-e. Not because of the cheap prices or the fact that it's just five minutes down the road from my flat, but because it has a fast 50kWh Pod Point public charger that is reassuringly easy to use. 

Vauxhall Mokka-e

Instead of heading to my local Asda, Sainsbury’s or Waitrose, if I'm in an electric car I head straight for Lidl, as does my fiancée Hollie. So where we shop is now directly influenced by where we can charge and how easy it is to use the chargers. It’s a trend I reckon we’re going to see grow over the next few years. After all, why would you head to a shopping centre, garden centre or restaurant where you can’t charge your car? 

I, for one, am going to enjoy watching how businesses take advantage of this new opportunity to entice customers. 

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