Vauxhall's three-cylinder engine family 'will set new benchmark'

* New engines to rival Ford's Ecoboost units * 89bhp and 113bhp versions of the engine * On sale in Vauxhall Adam Rocks and Corsa initially...

Vauxhall's three-cylinder engine family 'will set new benchmark'

Vauxhall’s new economical three-cylinder engine family will ‘set new benchmarks for the industry’, according to company boss Karl-Thomas Neumann.

Neumann said: ‘We have made very significant steps in powertrain development in recent years, and you can say that we are very confident.’

The new engines will go on sale first in the Vauxhall Adam Rocks convertible, before being available in the new Vauxhall Corsa.

There's a choice of either 89bhp or 113bhp, with the lower-powered engine claiming CO2 emissions of 99g/km.

The engines will also be given a collective name in the vein of Ford’s Ecoboost range, although Neumann declined to say what this would be. ‘The technology deserves to be properly marketed, although we are some way off being able to tell you how,’ he said.