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What Car? says...

If you’ve been keeping up with the electric revolution at all you will know that the Vauxhall Corsa-e is quite well regarded when it comes to the new influx of electric passenger cars.

It might surprise you, however, to find out that the electric Vauxhall Vivaro medium-sized van makes use of some of the same technology as the small car - quite a statistic when you consider the electric Vivaro’s payload allowance is not too far off the 1.5-tonne kerb weight of the Corsa-e.

Vauxhall has just one plated vehicle weight (3.1-tonnes) for the Vivaro-e, but there are both long and short wheelbase versions available. There’s only one roof height, but you can still get up to 6.6m3 in the loadspace and transport up to 1226kg. The loadspace of the electric Vivaro is completely unchanged from the combustion engine version too, which means it can transport lengths up to 2.8m.

For many, the range of electric vans is not only a concern but a barrier to buying one, but Vauxhall has addressed that with the option of two different battery sizes: 50kWh or 75kWh battery choices give the Vivaro-e official ranges 143 or 205 miles according to the WLTP test procedure.

Charging the battery from 0-80% can take as little as 32 minutes using a 100kW rapid charger, but the Vivaro-e also supports single phase 7.4kW charging, and has the option of three phase 11kW charging. These would take 7 hours 30 minutes and 4 hours 45 minutes to charge the smaller battery, respectively.

Power comes from a 100kW (134bhp) electric motor producing 192lb ft of torque.

As well as being available as a panel van, the Vauxhall Vivaro-e also comes as a double cab van and is available in a choice of two trim levels – Dynamic and Elite.

Competition in the mid-sized electric van segment is heating up, most notably from the Volkswagen e-ABT Transporter 6.1 and Mercedes-Benz eVito, plus the hybrid Ford Transit Custom PHEV. There are also electric versions of the Vivaro sister-vans, the Citroen e-Dispatch and Peugeot e-Expert, and there are plans to launch an electric Toyota Proace model as well.

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