Volkswagen Beetle stock dwindles

* No more factory-built orders being taken * Just a few hundred unsold Beetles in the UK * New Beetle on sale end of the year...

Volkswagen Beetle stock dwindles

Buyers of Volkswagen's Beetle hatchback and cabriolet can place orders from existing UK stock only, because no more factory-built orders are being taken.

Volkswagen confirmed there are 42 unallocated hatchbacks and just three unallocated cabriolets in the UK. It said there are a further 222 hatchbacks and 87 cabriolets in the dealer network, which are as yet unsold.

This means there are still cars for sale, but you may have to compromise on the engine or colour.

The new Beetle is scheduled to go on sale in the last quarter of this year.

Volkswagen has yet to reveal the new car completely, but did hint at the next Beetle's outline in an advert first shown in ad breaks during this year's Super Bowl.

Watch the advert in the video below.

Watch the advert