Volkswagen ID 5 long-term test: report 3

The Volkswagen ID 5 is intended to be a more stylish alternative to traditional electric SUVs – does it succeed? Our used cars editor is living with one to find out...

Volkswagen ID 5 panning shot

The car Volkswagen ID 5 77kWh Pro Performance Style Run by Mark Pearson, used cars editor

Why it’s here To see how the pricey Volkswagen ID 5 stands up against its many polished rivals in this highly competitive class

Needs to Show that it’s more than just a pretty face. It’ll need to deal with commuting, work and family life without any range anxiety issues and cope with a wide variety of everyday duties

Miles covered 4226 Price £52,185 Target Price £51,413 Price as tested £54,960 Test range 280 miles Official range 315 miles

9 May 2023 – Braking, bad?

I know it goes against the zeitgeist, but I can find regenerative braking a bit of a nuisance when it's not implemented well. The idea is clever enough – it harvests wasted energy from the slowing down process to put a little extra into your battery’s reserves.

Some electric cars have a much stronger regenerative braking or ‘one-pedal driving’ effect than others, such that if take your foot off the accelerator it feels like someone has tethered a jet plane to the back of them.

Volkswagen ID 5 instrument pod

When that's the case, I find smooth driving difficult, so I’m pleased to report that with my VW ID 5 the regenerative braking effect is much more subtle.

It does it automatically in its normal D mode and you wouldn’t notice anything odd was going on. You can increase the effect by switching into B mode using the dash-mounted gear selector, but even then I’m pleased to say its effects are relatively unobtrusive.

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