Volkswagen ID 5 long-term test: report 8

The Volkswagen ID 5 is intended to be a more stylish alternative to traditional electric SUVs – does it succeed? Our used cars editor is living with one to find out...

Volkswagen ID 5 rear cornering

The car Volkswagen ID 5 77kWh Pro Performance Style Run by Mark Pearson, used cars editor

Why it’s here To see how the pricey Volkswagen ID 5 stands up against its many polished rivals in this highly competitive class

Needs to Show that it’s more than just a pretty face. It’ll need to deal with commuting, work and family life without any range anxiety issues and cope with a wide variety of everyday duties

Miles covered 6133 Price £52,185 Target Price £50,513 Price as tested £54,960 Test range 260 miles Official range 315 miles

16 August 2023 – I can see clearly now the rain has gone

My Volkswagen ID 5 may have all the latest tech designed to help you stay in lane, avoid other road users and pedestrians and park the car without reversing it into a wall, but it can’t legislate against someone hitting you.

Volkswagen ID 5 damage

Just such a thing has happened to my car, albeit only a minor parking incident in a supermarket car park. I was inside shopping at the time, and though the miscreant drove off they did have the decency to leave a note with their phone number on. The damage, which amounted to a lot of scuffing of the front grille and some scrapping of the paintwork on the driver’s side front panel, was enough to warrant a visit to my local Volkswagen dealer and a few days off the road as a result. 

One repair job later, though, and I’m glad to say my car looks as good as new. Speaking of looks, although I like the view looking at my swoopy ID 5 from the outside I’m not so keen on the view out from the inside. You sit pretty high and your visibility to the sides is reasonably good.

Alas, I find the view to the front three-quarters hampered by the angled front pillars and the large door mirror, so much so that it’s quite difficult on occasion to place where the kerb is or the inside of a roundabout. It can also be a little disconcerting when exiting from side roads at an oblique angle. 

Volkswagen ID 5 rear window

The view out to the rear isn’t confidence-inspiring, either, thanks to the very small back window and the (admittedly neat-looking) rear wing that further restricts vision. There’s no rear windscreen wiper, either, nor even the option for one – Volkswagen says that the shape of the rear end should channel the air over the rear window and keep it clean, but in practice, it could do with a little help at times.

However, in mitigation, there are rain-sensing front wipers, as well as front and rear parking sensors, a park-assist function and a rear-view camera, so I should be able to avoid any unnecessary self-inflicted scrapes in the supermarket car park.

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