Want to be Alonso this Christmas?

* Replica Renault Formula One car * Costs 208 * Renault Twingo replicas also available...

Want to be Alonso this Christmas?
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What Car? Staff
13 Nov 2008 17:40

Want to buy a Formula 1 car for the young Fernando Alonso in your life?

Then make their dreams come true this Christmas with a pedal car that's modelled on the double Formula One champion's R28 racing car.

The scaled-down racer won't cost as much as the real thing, but at 208 it's pretty pricey.

Still, there are some neat design touches that any F1 team would be proud of, such as swivelling pedals and the use of shockproof polystyrene in case of any accidents.

However, if you're buying for a little one who prefers style over speed, there's the Twingo Princess pedal car to suit ages three to six. It's available for 93, is bright pink and comes with a tiara, earrings and a ring.

There's also a 'standard' red Twingo pedal car, which is the same size and costs 80.

For children aged two upwards there are pink and blue pedal cars for 42, or a push along Twingo priced at 28.

All items are available by visiting a Renault dealer.