What Car?'s best large vans in 2020

Big loadspaces and decent road manners are order of the day for large van buyers. So, which one should you choose?.....

Large vans make up around a third of the light commercial vehicles on the road and epitomise the phenomenon known as White Van Man.Image 1 of 22

Their large loadspaces mean they're used for a huge range of jobs, from parcel delivery through to construction. Most are sold as 3.5-tonne vans, the maximum weight of vehicle you can drive on a standard car license, but large vans can go as high as 7 tonnes.

Large vans tend to use fairly powerful engines with high torque outputs to help with towing and make easier work of driving off with a heavy load.

Here’s our list of the top-six large vans to consider - and one that should be avoided for now.

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