What's new?

* Merc's answer to the Audi A5 * MPG 38.7-55.4; CO2 133-169g/km * On sale June, priced from 30,220-37,640...

What's new?

Finally, Mercedes has come clean and admitted that the CLC, previously known as the C-Class Sport Coupe, was never really a coupe at all. It was more of a posh hatchback. The latest addition to the current C-Class range is Merc's first 'classic compact coupe'. Who says so? None other than the companys sales and marketing chief, Dr Joachim Schmidt.

It's long overdue. Audi has been selling stylish two-door coupes with a boot rather than a hatchback since Noah was building his Ark, and BMW got quickly in on the act, yet Mercedes has never shrunk beyond the E-Class coupe. Now it has a direct size rival for the Audi A5 and the BMW 3 Series Coupe.

What's new?
It has the same footprint as the C-Class saloon, but its roofline is 41mm lower to create the illusion that its more stretched and wider. Every external body panel apart from the aluminium bonnet has been changed, but the car still manages to preserve a strong family resemblance to the recently updated C-Class saloon.

It's the same inside, although there are significant bespoke coupe touches, including two individual rear seats in place of the saloons rear bench. Theres no change in wheelbase or basic chassis set-up, but all versions in the UK will come with the saloons AMG sports suspension and interior and exterior trim options.

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