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Nissan NV400 review

Passenger & boot space

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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

When it comes to moving stuff, the NV400 has it all figured out.

Volumes range from 8m3 to 17m3, which is on par for the sector and comparable with a Mercedes Sprinter van, while payloads range from 911kg to 1566kg for the 3.5-tonne panel vans.

The van’s overall length ranges from 5048mm to 6198mm, giving a maximum load length of 2583mm to 3733mm. It has maximum body widths of 2070mm externally and 1730mm internally.

Heights range from 2303mm to 2749mm, with a useable load height of between 1700mm and 2144mm. Loading height is a maximum of 564mm, while side door apertures measure 1050mm on the short-wheelbase vans and 1270mm on all other variants. An additional sliding door is available as an option.

The NV400 has a towing capacity of 2500kg-3000kg, depending on the model.

A digital tachograph is standard on all 4.5-tonne GVW models but available as an option on 3.5 tonne vans for owners who wish to tow.

Nissan NV400 load bay
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