Used Renault Laguna Hatchback 2000 - 2008 review

Category: Family car

Section: What is it like?

2000 - 2008 review
Renault Laguna Hatchback (00 - 08)
  • Renault Laguna Hatchback (00 - 08)
  • Renault Laguna Hatchback (00 - 08)
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What's the used Renault Laguna hatchback like?

The Renault Laguna rides the lumps and bumps beautifully both in town and on the motorway. Yet it's also crisp theorugh the corners, and the firm body control ensures it's stable at all times. It's not terribly engaging, mind you - the steering is too vague for that - but it's competent.

Motorways are the Laguna's ideal home. Long distances disappear effortlessly in hushed comfort, helped by the good driving position, excellent provision of creature comforts and, apart from smallest, smooth, willing engines.

The cabin isn't the roomiest, though. Tall people will get a gentle head massage from the roof lining, and those in the rear struggle for foot space. The payoff, however, is an impressive, rectangular luggage area that can be extended by split/fold rear seats.

As well as luxury kit, the Laguna is packed with safety features that helped it to a maximum five-star rating in its Euro NCAP crash tests.