Used Renault Modus MPV 2004 - 2012 review

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The Renault Modus is classy, comfortable and versatile, but not the most enthralling car to drive

Renault Modus MPV (04 - 12)
  • Renault Modus MPV (04 - 12)
  • Renault Modus MPV (04 - 12)
Used Renault Modus MPV 2004 - 2012 review
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What's the used Renault Modus hatchback like?

Some buyers will be put off buying a Renault Modus because of its looks - its high sides and ungainly stance make it appear a bit awkward. However, these buyers will be missing out, because the Modus is a very talented car.

Those lofty dimensions make for excellent cabin space, with lots of headroom and, thanks to a sliding rear bench, limo-like legroom in the back. Mind you, that does steals space from the boot, so the Modus isn't as practical as you might expect.


The Renault Modus is classy, comfortable and versatile, but not the most enthralling car to drive

  • Most models are well equipped and space is luxurious for four people
  • Luggage space is sacrificed for passenger comfort and the Modus is quite pricey

On the other hand, the drive is probably more comfortable than you would expect. The ride is smooth over any surface, and while the Modus doesn't have the most entertaining handling in this class, there's plenty of grip.

There's a wide range of engines and trims to choose from, and most cars are well stocked with goodies. The build quality is excellent, and the high-grade materials give a classier feel than you'll get in most superminis. Also, being a Renault, it's extremely safe.

Ownership cost

What used Renault Modus hatchback will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Renault Modus hatchback?

The Modus has the Vauxhall Meriva well beaten on running costs. Fuel economy is much better, especially on the diesels, with the 86bhp diesel returning a very impressive 62.9mpg. Our favourite 1.4 petrol engine gives a respectable 42.2mpg.

Our recommendations

Which used Renault Modus hatchback should I buy?

There are plenty of engines to choose from - three petrol and three diesel.

If you want a petrol engine, you'll find the 1.2 is adequate, but the 1.4 provides extra performance, which comes in very handy. The 1.6 provides more power still and all have good fuel economy, with none failing to beat 40mpg.

Alternatively, you can go for the 1.5 dCi turbodiesel with outputs of 68, 86 or 106bhp. All provide decent performance, and they're very refined and frugal, but they're pricey in comparison with the petrols. That's why we'd recommend the 1.4 petrol.

There's a dizzying array of trim levels to consider, too, each of which provides varying combinations of equipment. All get remote central locking, curtain airbags, a CD player and electric front windows, but air-con is only standard on some. We'd go for Expression, which gives you everything you need at a relatively low price.

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