Used Seat Leon SC 2013-2018 review

Ownership cost

(2013 - 2018)
2016 Seat Leon SC 1.4 EcoTSI FR Titanium review
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Ownership cost

What used Seat Leon coupe will I get for my budget?

Early examples of a 2013 Leon SC start at around £7500 at the time of writing. This will get you a 1.6-litre diesel or a 1.2-litre petrol SE with 70,000 miles on the clock.

Increase your budget to £9500 and you’ll find plenty of 2014 or newer 2.0 TDI FR examples with less than 50,000 miles.

Moving up further to around the £10,500 mark buys a 2015 model in excellent condition and low mileage from an independent dealer, while if it's a facelifted car you're after, you'll need to set aside at least £13,500.

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2016 Seat Leon SC 1.4 EcoTSI FR Titanium review

How much does it cost to run a Seat Leon coupe?

The 1.6-litre diesel is the cheapest Leon SC to run, with official (NEDC) combined fuel economy of 74.3mpg. It's also exempt from road tax. Both 2.0-litre diesels cost a mere £20 per year in road tax, while the 148bhp version averages 68.9mpg and the more powerful 181bhp one returns 64.2mpg.  

The most economical petrol model is the 148bhp 1.4 EcoTSI, which has a combined figure of 60.1mpg and costs £20 to tax. The little 1.2 is nearly as efficient at 57.6mpg and £30 road tax, while the 123bhp 1.4 gets 54.3mpg and costs £30 to tax. The 1.8-litre petrol model promises 47.9mpg on average and will set you back £140 per year in road tax. As you might expect, the least economical version is the Cupra, with an official average consumption figure of 42.8mpg and £155 tax.

All Leon SCs registered after 1 April 2017 will cost you a flat tax rate of £140 a year.

Seat servicing costs are very reasonable – roughly on a par with those of Ford and Vauxhall. Franchised dealers offer a transparent fixed-price servicing scheme, with cars that are more than three years old eligible for slightly discounted prices. You can also opt for a pre-paid service plan on cars up to eight years old – worth taking out if you want to service your car at a Seat dealer.

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2016 Seat Leon SC 1.4 EcoTSI FR Titanium review
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