Used Skoda Yeti 09-17

Used Skoda Yeti 09-17 review

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(2009 - 2017)
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What should I look for in a used Skoda Yeti estate?

If you are looking at a four-wheel-drive Yeti, check for any damage to the underbody cladding, which might have occurred during an off-road excursion – as unlikely as that sounds.

Petrol and diesel engines can have high oil consumption, so you should check the levels when you test drive it. If the level is low, then it is likely that the owner does not check the fluids very often. The risk is that the car might have been run for extended periods with insufficient oil in the engine, which could have resulted in excessive engine wear. So if the level is low, walk away.

Some owners have complained about the quality of the paintwork, so check the car during daylight hours if possible. An alternative is to view it at a filling station forecourt. Be warned that this will make the car look particularly shiney - so only use this method to check the uniform quality of the paint.

Used Skoda Yeti 09-17

What are the most common problems with a used Skoda Yeti estate?

Turbos have been known to fail, which might be a result of infrequent servicing and not using the correct quality and specification of oil. If your potential purchase has been serviced by an independent garage rather than a main dealer, contact them to check the type of oil they used if you need peace of mind.

The diesel-engined Yetis will have a diesel particulate filter (DPF) fitted, which requires owners to take their cars on frequent motorway journeys to ensure the DPF can regenerate, because this process is only triggered at high speed. Check how the previous owner has used the car if you are unsure.

Other potential problems with DPF-equipped models arise if the car was shut off part way through a regeneration. The result is contamination of the oil system with fuel, which leads to the oil level rising gradually over time. This can cause damage to the engine, so it’s worth getting the car checked out.

Is a used Skoda Yeti estate reliable?

The Yeti has done quite well in our latest reliability survey, finishing above the Nissan Qashqai and Peugeot 3008.

That’s not to say there haven’t been problems. There have been quite a number of non-engine electrical issues reported, but these cars remained driveable and the work was carried out under warranty. Some owners have complained of other electrical faults, including an issue with the immobiliser that left the car stranded.

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