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Few cars can claim to be truly unique these days, but Smart’s Fortwo is one that probably can. Its two-seat, city car body style is under 2.7 metres long, and is really unlike anything else on the road.

As such, it’s difficult to judge against direct competition, although the best city cars, such as VW’s Up, Skoda’s Citigo and Seat’s Mii, will be on buyers’ minds. So too will city cars with lots of personalisation options, such as Fiat’s 500.

Around town this is a car that can wriggle into parking spaces that even the dinky original Mini, with a stunt driver behind the wheel, would struggle with. But should you buy one? To reason with this question read on over the next few pages to get our in-depth impressions on the little Smart car, along with our recommendations for which trim levels and engines to go for.


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