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i SE 5dr

  • Overall verdict 5/5
  • What it's like to drive 4/5
  • Running costs 5/5
  • Quality 4/5
  • Average MPG 39.7 mpg

I've had my XV for a year now and am a very happy customer. The XV is competing in the 'crossover' sector, but, in reality, that is what Subaru have been doing for years. Subaru produces solidly built, well engineered and permanent 4wd cars which leave the various look-alikes for dead. The XV is a pumped-up and better looking version of the Imprezza, with the ground clearance and internal equipment of a Forester to give a reliable performance under all road conditions. I live 1000' up in the Perthshire hills, 2 km along an unmetalled track from the public road. The XV has coped admirably and has been particularly impressive in winter conditions which included both deep snow compacted ice. The XV is great to drive, though note quite as sporty as I expected, and has returned a much better than expected fuel consumption of nearly 40 mpg from new. For a 'real' 4wd, that is great.

Andrew Gingell, Perthshire, June 5th 2013

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