Used Suzuki Swift Sport 2012-2017 review

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(2012 - 2017)
Used Suzuki Swift Sport 2012-2017
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What's the used Suzuki Swift Sport hatchback like?

The Beatles once sang ‘Money don’t get everything, it’s true; what it don’t get, I can’t use.’ Well, this doesn’t apply to the Suzuki Swift Sport, because while it’s true that you won’t have vast amounts of power to play with, you will be able to use most of its performance more of the time, which is more fun. And, because used examples start from just £4000, you won’t have to pay vast amounts of money to get one.

When the original Swift Sport hit the market, it made a bit of a splash, because it offered hot hatch fans an engaging drive for a surprisingly small outlay. This second-generation model carried on that tradition, but it’s a little bit more refined, comes with a six-speed manual gearbox and can be found with five doors for greater practicality. But it still maintains its cheeky nature and willing, naturally aspirated 1.6-litre petrol engine, this time with 136bhp, which is enough to get it from 0-62mph in 8.7sec and up to a top speed of 121mph.

Aside from the performance, the Swift Sport is a hoot on a back road. It weighs just 1045kg, so you can carry plenty of speed into corners, because it’ll change direction with alacrity and generate plenty of grip. It isn't as precise as the Renault Twingo RS 133 (especially one with the Cup chassis package), but given that the Swift Sport has a much more comfortable ride, especially over lumpy and rough roads, you can forgive it that. Aside from that and a more positive-feeling clutch, there are few complaints you can make about how the Swift Sport drives.

However, you might have something to moan about if you need a big boot, because the Swift Sport is a little short in this department. Okay, it is a small car, after all, but the Twingo has sliding rear seats, allowing you to maximise boot space. The Swift Sport's loading lip is rather high, too, making it a little difficult to put heavier items into the back. Still, you can at least have the Swift Sport with five doors, so rear passengers don’t need to scramble through the front. Impressively, the steering wheel can be adjusted both up and down to help you get a comfortable driving position. It’d be better if you could lower the seat a bit, but this is true of most small cars.

Even though all the Swift Sport's dashboard surfaces are hard, scratchy plastics, you can understand why when you consider its generous standard equipment and low price when new. It’s all well screwed together, too.


Used Suzuki Swift Sport 2012-2017
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