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Space & practicality

How it copes with people and clutter

Despite sitting quite high, there’s lots of head room, and its unlikely you’ll be clashing elbows with your front seat passenger. Rear seat passengers are similarly well catered for. It’s not as big as a Mondeo or a Superb, but there are good amounts of head and leg room, and the flat floor will also be welcomed by centre-seat passengers.

At the base of the centre console there’s a rubberised pad that proves perfect for a smartphone, holding it securely even when tackling roundabouts briskly. Unfortunately, the nearest USB socket is to be found in the centre armrest meaning you’ll be trailing wires around the gearstick.

The doors have reasonably sized pockets with slots for 500ml bottles of drink. Larger receptacles are unlikely to fit though. There is at least plenty of room inside the armrest for your phone and a myriad of other odds and ends.

Unless you opt for the Touring Sport estate, the Avensis does without a practical hatchback to access the cargo area. Instead you get a traditional boot, as you’d expect from the likes of a BMW 3 Series or Audi A4.

Although you get a decent 509 litres of load space with split folding seats, you won’t get seriously bulky items in because of the size of the opening. There’s also a lot of wheel arch intrusion to contend with. Even some flatpack furniture will struggle to fit, let alone the type of white goods a hatchback would easily swallow.

Toyota Avensis
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