Used car reviews

Auris Hatchback

Used Toyota Auris Hatchback 2013-2019

The Toyota Auris is a dependable and hassle-free used family c...

Used Toyota Auris Hatchback 2007 - 2013

Capable, but disappointing follow-up to the excellent Corolla<...

Avensis Estate

Used Toyota Avensis Estate 2003 - 2009

A practical estate that's beautifully made and nice to drive

Used Toyota Avensis Estate 1997 - 2004

A reliable family car, but not the most inspiring to drive


Avensis Hatchback

Used Toyota Avensis Hatchback 2003 - 2009

Safe, dependable and spacious family transport

Used Toyota Avensis Hatchback 1997 - 2004

A reliable family car, but not the most inspiring

Avensis Saloon

Used Toyota Avensis 2015-2018

The Toyota Avensis is a spacious and comfortable long-...

Used Toyota Avensis saloon 2009-2015

For those who want a car that is easy to live with, reliable a...

Used Toyota Avensis Saloon 2003 - 2009

Safe, dependable and spacious family transport

Avensis Verso Estate

Used Toyota Avensis Verso 2003 - 2009

Terribly bland and not as roomy as many rivals

Aygo Hatchback

Used Toyota Aygo 2014-present

A used Toyota Aygo is certainly a stylish option, but some riv...

Used Toyota Aygo Hatchback 2005 - 2014

A great little car to buy and own

C-HR Hatchback

Used Toyota C-HR 2016-present

The C-HR is boldly styled, handsomely equipped and very well m...

Camry Saloon

Used Toyota Camry Saloon 2001 - 2004

Boring but capable

Celica Coupe

Used Toyota Celica Coupe 1999 - 2006

Good looking and great to drive, the Celica is everything a co...

Corolla Estate

Used Toyota Corolla Estate 2001 - 2007

Practical and reliable load-lugger

Used Toyota Corolla Estate 1997 - 2004

It'll just about cope with family life, but it's dull to drive...

Corolla Hatchback

Used Toyota Corolla 18-present

The Corolla is a smart and potentially very reliable...

Used Toyota Corolla Hatchback 2002 - 2007

Best ever Corolla

Used Toyota Corolla Hatchback 1997 - 2002

It'll get you from A to B reliably and reasonably safely


Corolla Saloon

Used Toyota Corolla Saloon 2002 - 2007

This is the best Corolla ever, but not the best version of it<...

Used Toyota Corolla Saloon 1997 - 2002

It'll get you from A to B reliably and reasonably safely


Corolla Verso Estate

Used Toyota Corolla Verso 2001 - 2007

Hugely likeable family car

GT86 Coupe

Used Toyota GT86 2012-2021

The Toyota GT86 is an old-school sports car that's now great v...

Hilux Pick-Up

Used Toyota Hilux 2016 - present

Great if you need a dependable workhorse that’ll always get yo...

Land Cruiser 4x4

Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2010-present

Ideal for peacekeeping duties, but a bit out of its depth on t...

Used Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 2003 - 2009

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a proper off-roader, but it's beate...

Land Cruiser Amazon 4x4

Used Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon 4x4 2002 - 2007

It's the world's toughest limo, but rivals are better

Used Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon 4x4 1997 - 2002

Great if you live in the country

Land Cruiser Colorado 4x4

Used Toyota Land Cruiser Colorado 4x4 1996 - 2002

Short of class, but very good in every other way

MR2 Sports

Used Toyota MR2 Roadster 2000 - 2007

Impractical but fine-handling two-seater

Picnic MPV

Used Toyota Picnic MPV 1997 - 2001

Slightly smaller alternative to MPV rivals that drives well, b...

Previa MPV

Used Toyota Previa MPV 2000 - 2006

Roomy, refined, hassle-free transport

Prius+ MPV

Used Toyota Prius+ 2012-present

The Toyota Prius+ offers all the benefits of the regular Prius...

Prius Hatchback

Used Toyota Prius 2016-present

The Toyota Prius wears its iconic status lightly. It’s good to...

Used Toyota Prius Hatchback 2009 - 2015

With many used-car buyers seeking alternatives to diesel, the...

Used Toyota Prius Hatchback 2003 - 2009

Proves that going green doesn't have to be dull

Prius Saloon

Used Toyota Prius Saloon 2000 - 2003

Green enough, but it doesn't drive as well as mainstream rival...

Prius Plug-in Hatchback

Used Toyota Prius Plug-in 2017-present

The iconic Toyota Prius Plug-in is good to drive and even more...

RAV4 4x4

Used Toyota RAV4 2019-present

A practical SUV with the running cost of a small car. Wha...

Used Toyota RAV4 2013-2019

The Toyota RAV4 is a decent large SUV, but others are better t...

Used Toyota RAV4 2006 - 2012

Toyota’s third-generation RAV4 gained an excellent diesel engi...

Verso MPV

Used Toyota Verso MPV 2006 - 2009

Clever and practical seven-seater MPV

Yaris Hatchback

Used Toyota Yaris Hatchback 2011 - 2020

The third-generation Toyota Yaris is smart, roomy and reliable...

Used Toyota Yaris Hatchback 2006 - 2011

Well designed and cute, but not a hit like the previous model...

Used Toyota Yaris Hatchback 2003 - 2005

Quality at a low price; rivals better it for comfort

Yaris Verso Estate

Used Toyota Yaris Verso 2003 - 2005

Looks aside, it's a wise used buy