Used Toyota Prius+ 2012-present review

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Used Toyota Prius+ 2012-present
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What's the used Toyota Prius+ MPV like?

Suppose you want to enjoy all the benefits offered by the regular Toyota Prius - and, as it’s the world’s most popular hybrid car, it seems many people do – but you need more seating space for your growing family, what do you do? You seek out the Toyota Prius+, that’s what.

By taking the third-generation Prius and stretching it and clothing it in a longer, reshaped body, the Prius+ has three rows of seats instead of two and seats up to seven people. Underneath the skin is the familiar 1.8-litre petrol engine linked to an electric motor, an arrangement that produces a claimed average fuel consumption of 68.9mpg in the Icon version, with correspondingly low CO2 emissions of just 96g/km.

Performance is distinctly average, but economy’s the name of the game here and the Prius+ can cruise around town silently in electric-only mode, albeit for a very short distance. To drive, it’s safe, if a little uninspiring, with a firm but reasonable ride and good levels of refinement, the only fly being the engine noise levels rising to unpleasant levels when you begin to push the Prius+ hard, as its CVT transmission can make the engine bellow.

Inside, it’s unexpectedly cheaply finished in one or two areas, and most other seven-seater cars offer more interior space, but Toyota’s build quality is legendary, so it should at least stand up well to mixed use. There are just two trim levels, and both are well equipped.

New, the Prius+ emerged as rather pricey in comparison with its rivals, but some of that price difference is swallowed up on the used car market, where its low emissions and diesel-free motoring will help it appeal to a great number of families on a budget.


Used Toyota Prius+ 2012-present
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