Used Toyota RAV4 4x4 1994 - 2000 reliability

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A great used buy: fun, stylish and very reliable

Toyota RAV4 4x4 (94 - 00)
  • Toyota RAV4 4x4 (94 - 00)
  • Toyota RAV4 4x4 (94 - 00)
Used Toyota RAV4 4x4 1994 - 2000 review
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What should I look for in a used Toyota RAV4 4x4?

The great thing about the RAV4 is that its reliability is so good that all you need to look out for are its colour and equipment.

Figures from Warranty Direct show that, even though the RAV4 is now quite an old car, its reliability record is still one of the very best. True, the Honda CR-V is just as good, but both are streets ahead of the Land Rover Freelander, which suffers more problems and needs more time and money to put things right.

The only things you really should look out for when considering a RAV4 are that it has been serviced regularly and that it has not been abused off-road. Because the suspension has been designed more for on-road use than off-, it doesn't have the same ground clearance as, say, a Freelander, so there could be some damage underneath if owners have pushed it beyond its limits on rough ground.

What are the most common problems with a used Toyota RAV4 4x4?

Is a used Toyota RAV4 4x4 reliable?