Used Volkswagen e-Golf 2014-present review

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Volkswagen e-Golf 2014-present
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What's the used Volkswagen e-Golf hatchback like?

You could pretty much sum up the e-Golf in one line: ‘It’s like a Golf, just quieter.’ However, while the characteristics of this all-electric version are broadly similar to the normal petrol and diesel models, the ownership experience can be quite different. Mind you, the improving electric charging network means the usability of electric cars is getting better; but has it got to the point where we no longer have to make the comparison with the regular Golf and treat it simply on its own merits?   

Electric cars still only make up a small proportion of the used car market but, even so, the e-Golf has a number of rivals to compete with such as the Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe and BMW i3.  

As per the normal Golf, the e-Golf is a very comfortable place to spend time in. The interior is spacious for people in the front with the driver getting lots of adjustment in the steering wheel and seat to get themselves settled. Passengers in the rear are well catered for too, but the boot is slightly smaller thanks to the batteries. Despite this, you can still get a couple of large suitcases in there, which is more than can be said of the BMW i3.

The difference comes when you start the e-Golf. Where you might be expecting to hear an engine fire into life, you just get a whirring of electric motors instead. Power might seem a little measly at 113bhp, but the instant torque makes it feel quite sprightly off the line. You may also notice that the e-Golf seems to be a little bit more cumbersome against the standard Golf due to the additional weight of all the batteries. It is much more agile than the Leaf, with less body roll in the corners.

The claimed range is 186 miles, according to NEDC figures, but Volkswagen suggests most drivers will get a more conservative 125 miles. That being said, a Renault Zoe can go considerably further, even if it is much less refined than the e-Golf, both in terms of wind and road noise.

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