Used Volkswagen Golf Estate 2009 - 2013 review

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(2009 - 2013)
Used Volkswagen Golf Estate 2009 - 2013
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What's the used Volkswagen Golf estate like?

It’s no great secret that the sixth-generation Volkswagen Golf was actually more like an improved version of its predecessor, and can thus trace its roots back to 2003. However, the Mk5 Golf was still a great starting point, and while this Estate version might not look quite as stylish as its hatchback equivalent it does add useful additional practicality to the formula.

For that you can thank a boot that’s 30% larger than the hatchback’s with the rear seats in place, making it ideal for families or those with dogs to transport (further helped by the low loading height and absence of a load lip). Another useful feature is that the rear seats fold at the touch of a button.

The rest of the formula is as you’ll find in a Mk6 Golf hatchback, which is to say very good. In particularly, it’s a quieter car than the Mk5 it replaced, making it relaxing to drive on a long journey, where it shuts out wind and tyre noise better than many cars from the class above. Handling is also neat and tidy, with the Estate showing little discernable difference to the hatchback unless it’s fully loaded.

Then of course there's the high-quality interior, which even today makes the Mk6 Golf Estate a pleasure to be in, being both very well built and easy to use.

The Estate missed out on some of the more powerful engines of the hatchback, but for most buyers the 1.6 or 2.0-litre diesel options will prove sufficient, as will the modest amount of trim levels. Those who prefer petrol power will have a tougher search; on the used car market, diesel Golf Estates tend to outnumber their petrol equivalents by approximately 60 to one.

As is the way with any Golf, you’ll pay a premium over most of its mainstream rivals, but will then be in possession of a car that will hold on to more of its value when time comes to sell.


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