Volvo V70 Estate (07 - 13)

Used Volvo V70 Estate 2007 - 2013 review

What is it like?
(2007 - 2013)
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What's the used Volvo V70 estate like?

Practicality is the Volvo V70's strong point; the load space is enormous and the rear seats fold down flat. The boot is well thought out, too, with luggage nets and tie-down hooks to stop items rolling around while in transit.

Occupants are treated to extremely comfortable seats and the dashboard has a pleasingly minimalist design. The interior is well built, with no scratchy plastics to be seen.

The wide range of petrol and diesel engines ensures there's something for everyone, although it's the diesel options that impress most, offering good fuel economy and impressive towing ability.

Unfortunately, the ride is far from perfect and even minor bumps and road scars will be felt by occupants. The V70 settles down at speed, though, making it an adept motorway cruiser. Body roll is well controlled, although the vague steering discourages you from driving enthusiastically.