Used Aston Martin Vantage 2005-2018 review

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(2005 - 2018)
Used Aston Martin Vantage 05-18
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What's the used Aston Martin Vantage coupe like?

It might only be the baby of the range, but the Aston Martin Vantage lost its milk teeth a long time ago. This extraordinarily handsome car has played a huge part in the revitalisation of the iconic British firm over the past few years, and it's more than appealing enough to bite chunks out of several of its main rivals, including the Porsche 911.

But it's not just a handsome face. Thanks to an almost even front-to-rear weight distribution and the use of lightweight materials in its construction, the Vantage is a fine-handling machine. It's stable at high speed on the motorway as well as being responsive and agile on twisty roads.

It's a fine everyday car, too, thanks to its easy-to-live-with nature. However, when you want it to go fast, it's capable of setting a blistering pace. Under the elegant bonnet there's a choice of two different engines, a V8 and a V12. The V8-engined models are hugely capable, while the V12 is a real brute - there's immense speed available there. In fact the upgraded V12 Vantage S model is terrifically fast, and a match for most supercars and hypercars.

The driving position is low-slung and the interior feels beautifully finished; the only downside is very poor side vision when pulling out of junctions. Practicality is reasonable with space for two golf bags in the boot.

As the years have gone by, Aston Martin has tweaked the Vantage and chipped away at some of its rougher edges, especially the build quality and the fit and finish. Now, it's a highly desirable used proposition, for more than just its striking looks and the noise it makes. It has an emotional appeal that some of its rivals lack, and a classy aura that separates it from the other sports cars in its class.


Used Aston Martin Vantage 05-18
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