Used Bentley Bentayga 2016-present review

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Used Bentley Bentayga 16-present
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What used Bentley Bentayga 4x4 will I get for my budget?

It is worth buying a used Bentayga. New, the W12 will set you back £165,000 in standard trim at the time of writing, whereas a 2016 model can be had for £125,000 – a pretty good saving on a low-mileage, franchised dealer car. Indeed, a 2017 car can be had for £130,000 – another good saving. The popular V8 diesel versions start at around £130,000, which is not so much a bargain but, at these levels, a good saving.

Obviously, it will cost a small fortune to run. The W12 petrol versions have a claimed fuel consumption of just 21.6mpg, so you can expect even less than that in real-world terms. The V8 diesels have a claimed 35.8mpg – good considering the size but, again, you’re unlikely to match that in everyday motoring.

An insurance grouping of 50 means high premiums, while tax bills will be suitably large. Servicing is best carried out by a Bentley main dealer, and that won’t come cheap. Expect four-figure bills.


Used Bentley Bentayga 16-present

How much does it cost to run a Bentley Bentayga 4x4?

Used Bentley Bentayga 16-present
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