Used BMW 2 Series Convertible 2014-present review


Used BMW 2 Series Convertible 14-present
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What alternatives should I consider to a used BMW 2 Series sports?

The Audi A3 Cabriolet is a comfortable car that’s also really good to drive. Its interior is classy, too, and features Audi’s excellent rotary controller for its infotainment system. It’s not especially spacious in the back, but if that doesn’t bother you the rest of the A3 Cab is a bit of a peach.

The VW Beetle Cabriolet is viewed as rather a left-field choice these days, but it’s based on sound mechanicals and there are plenty of them to choose from on the used car market. They’re not as sharp to drive as some VW Group products (see the Audi A3 Cab) but there’s no doubting their open-air appeal.

Used BMW 2 Series Convertible 14-present
Used BMW 2 Series Convertible 14-present
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The BMW 2 Series Convertible isn’t quite a class leader, but it’s still a comfortable, fun-to-drive open-top

  • Compliant ride
  • Sharp handling
  • Strong performance
  • Cramped rear seats
  • Diesel engines noisy
  • Mid-spec trims not so well equipped