Used BMW X6 2014-present review

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Used BMW X6 14-present
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What's the used BMW X6 estate like?

A lot of cars can divide opinion just by the way they look, and the BMW X6 has always been one of them. The first-generation car appeared in 2008, and though its sheer size and butch styling was either something you liked or didn’t, the car actually went on to enjoy healthy sales successes.

This second-generation version appeared in 2014, and, despite tweaks to the bodystyle, it continues the theme. Indeed its sheer size and the incongruity of its sporty appeal while seeming to offer luxury SUV practicality might be why so many people have chosen to buy one - it certainly stands out from the crowd.

The most popular engine is the 3.0-litre straight six diesel, although there are three other engines to choose from, including two other oil burners: the 308bhp xDrive40d and the M-tuned 376bhp 50d. There is only a single petrol option in the form of a 444bhp, twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 xDrive50i. Those wanting a bit more poke can try and find a full M car in the shape of the X6 M, equipped with the same V8 petrol engine, which puts out 567bhp.

It’s impressive how well the X6 handles for something of this size. Opting for M Sport trim brings adaptive dampers as standard, that’s over and above the variable steering weight, throttle and gearbox responses you get on all X6 models, and the result is satisfyingly pert handling.

The active four-wheel drive system keeps things mostly neutral, and it’s easy to correct your line if the ESP doesn’t do it for you.

Alas the ride comfort leaves something to be desired; even in the most forgiving driving mode, there’s plenty of patter over high-frequency bumps. On top of that, you never quite forget how heavy this car is.

The X6 is based on the X5, and its interior is a similar high-quality delight. It’s well equipped and comes with BMW’s excellent iDrive rotary controller for the infotainment system. The only drawback is that swoopy styling means there is a shortage of head room in the rear seats. As well as that, three in the back is a bit of a squeeze, and you’ll find more space and a bigger boot in the equivalent BMW X5 model.


Used BMW X6 14-present
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