Used BMW Z4 Sports 2009 - 2017 review

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(2009 - 2017)
Used BMW Z4 Sports (09 - 17)
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Which used BMW Z4 sports should I buy?

We’d recommend going for SE trim as it gets smaller wheels and more comfortable suspension. M Sport cars have a very hard ride which some find too uncomfortable, especially when combined with larger wheels.

If you do want an M Sport version, it’s worth seeking out a car fitted with adaptive M Sport suspension as this will enable you to alter its characteristics depending upon the driving situation. We would also suggest looking for Z4s with smaller wheels, because this helps to make the ride more comfortable.

Z4 18is came without a number of luxuries which could be found on higher trim levels, such as leather seats, dual-zone climate control, and automatic lights and wipers. Unless the previous owner has been generous with the options list, it might be worth going for the 20i instead.

However, the Z4 we would recommend going for is the 23i produced before 2011, because it allows you to have a six-cylinder engine without having to spend extra for the 30i or 35is. You don’t have to utilise all of its performance to enjoy driving the Z4, which means you have more of a chance of getting the 33.2mpg BMW suggests it should do.

If you’re after a later Z4, we would recommend going for the 2.0-litre 28i, which provides more than enough pace to warrant its place in a sports car with the welcome benefit of reduced weight and the increased flexibility of an engine which can be driven in higher gears without difficulty. The 28i is also more economical than the 30i or 35i, both of which lack the additional power to justify their additional running costs. It just doesn't sound as good as the previous 23i.

Z4s to look out for would be those fitted with the BMW Professional Media Package as it give you satellite navigation and BMW iDrive, park distance control, and the standard sDrive suspension on M Sport cars.

Our favourite BMW Z4: 23i SE (2009-2011); 28i SE (2011-present)

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Used BMW Z4 Sports (09 - 17)
Used BMW Z4 Sports (09 - 17)
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