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Fiat has nailed its colours firmly to the retro mast, because the old-style 500 makes up the bulk of its range. But that’s before you look under the skin, because the 500 is available with either hybrid engines, or as a fully electric car.

There’s even a 500-on-steroids SUV version. Apart from those, there’s the Panda supermini, Tipo family hatch, and Fullback pick-up, after which you can choose to lease a range of commercial vehicles.

Which Fiat leasing option is right for you?

No wonder Fiat has bet the farm on the 500, because it has the sort of looks that pretty much everyone loves. And the 500X SUV takes that style and gives it a bit of extra muscle.

But what if you want to feel the breeze? The convertible models have that covered, too.

There’s also the Tipo family hatch, which has plenty of space and equipment, and if you need a Fiat as a working vehicle, there’s a whole range of vans to choose from, as well as the Fiat Fullback pick-up truck.

Lease a Fiat. With your heart or your head.

The Fiat 500 was born for life in the city, and the fact that you can choose either a hybrid powered model or a full-on electric car means there’s something for everyone. Indeed, the 500e model could be ideal if you do only a small daily mileage and can charge overnight at home.

If you want a bit more space with all that style then the 500 X looks good and is practical, while the Tipo family car has lots of interior space and a big boot. And all the commercial vehicles are tough and dependable. Whichever Fiat you end up choosing, we’re regularly on the hunt for the best nationwide dealer offers, so you can make the right leasing choice for you.

Fiat leasing offers. For everyone.

Fiat has a model for pretty much everyone, whether you spend your life commuting in the city, taking a growing family here and there, or simply need a tough working vehicle. Indeed, the Fiat Fullback covers most bases, because it’s a hard-working truck during the week and an activity vehicle at the weekends. At the other end of the range, the 500 blends chic style with modern technology, and at a bargain price. We regularly check national prices on Fiat leasing deals to help you get the best deal.

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