In this section:
  • Driving position and dashboard
  • Visibility, parking sensors and cameras
  • Sat nav and infotainment
  • Quality


The interior layout, fit and finish

Driving position and dashboard

There are no major issues with the driving position, and there’s plenty of seat and steering wheel adjustment to help you get comfortable. That said, the front seats could do with a bit of extra lower-back support. All versions receive an adjustable armrest (there’s another for the front passenger seat).

Some of the C4 Spacetourer’s switchgear is tricky to get the hang of, because many functions are controlled through the dashboard-mounted 7.0in touchscreen – even adjusting the temperature means switching to a specific air-con menu and jabbing at the display with your finger. That’s not something that’s easy to do while you’re driving.

The menu system on the touchscreen itself is also confusing and there’s often a long pause between pressing the display and the system responding. You can use the steering wheel controls to perform certain functions, but the sheer number of buttons and knobs adds yet another layer of confusion.

Bluetooth and an Aux socket are standard, as are the 12V sockets liberally strewn around the interior and the boot for those into power-hungry electronic games.

A digital radio is standard from entry-level Touch Edition, but if you go for Feel or Flair you’ll also receive an impressive 12.0in, full-colour, panoramic high-definition central display with Citroën’s impressive Connect Nav.