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  • Front space
  • Rear space
  • Seat folding and flexibility
  • Boot space

Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

Front space

Even seriously tall drivers will have no issues with head or leg room, while the bright and airy feel gives the impression that there’s even more space than there actually is.

The wide door pockets are easily big enough for large bottles of water and you’ll find two more stowage areas on the centre console – one between the front seats and another beneath the touchscreen. Both of these have lids, so are ideal for keeping valuables out of sight.

Again, the rear doors open wide, making life easier at arrival and departure times.

Citroen C4 SpaceTourer 2022 interior rear seats

Seat folding and flexibility

The rear seats can be reclined or folded flat independently of one another, and on Exclusive models and above the seats can be slid back and forth to either give rear passengers more knee room or free up boot space.

The C4 Spacetourer has more conveniently positioned Isofix mounts than most of its rivals, too, and because all three rear seats are an equal size (some rivals have a narrower centre seat), you'll have a good chance of safely carrying three young children in the back.

The front passenger seat can also be folded by pulling on a lever, allowing you to carry seriously long items; planks of timber or even a reasonable-length ladder will fit.