Land Rover Discovery (04-17)

Used Land Rover Discovery 2004-2017 review

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(2004 - 2017)
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What's the used Land Rover Discovery 4x4 like?

The Land Rover Discovery is a genuine 'do-it-all' vehicle. It’s a practical family car that remains relaxing on the longest journeys, yet it’s also capable of tackling terrain that would leave most large SUVs floundering.

The interior design is particularly well thought out, with classy yet hard-wearing materials, room for seven adults (although cheaper versions came with only five seats) and great all-round visibility.

The Discovery also has a ride that’s very smooth and forgiving over bumps, even if the payoff for this is a rather cumbersome feel in bends.

Permanent four-wheel drive ensures good traction in all conditions, and there are clever electronic aids to take the stress out of off-roading.


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