Used Lexus GS 2012-2018 review

Ownership cost

(2012 - 2018)
Used Lexus GS 12-present
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Ownership cost

What used Lexus GS saloon will I get for my budget?

Prices for an early 2012 GS 250 with average mileage start at around £10,000. This seems like good value for a large luxury car with a high level of standard equipment until you discover that a BMW 5 Series with similar mileage and a more economical 2.0-litre diesel engine could be yours for around £1000 less.

However, if you must have a hybrid car, the tables are turned, because there simply aren't that many alternatives to the GS. The GS 450h has been around the longest, and a 2012 example with 60-70,000 miles should be around the £13,000 mark. The more economical but slower GS 300h came out about a year later and commands a slight premium: a 2013 car with 50,000 miles will start at around £14,500-£16,000.

Used Lexus GS 12-present

How much does it cost to run a Lexus GS saloon?

If you choose a hybrid version, the running costs should be pretty reasonable for an luxury car. The GS 300h offers the lowest running costs, with an official combined fuel economy figure of 56.5mpg and road tax of just £20 per year. Even the GS 450h gets 46.3mpg and a £145 tax liability.

Only the non-hybrid GS 250 lets the side down, only managing 31.7mpg and costing a not-inconsiderable £315 per year in tax.

Any GS registered after 1 April 2017 will fall under the new road tax system and will be charged a flat rate fee of £140 per year (or £130 if it’s a hybrid), unless the car was worth more than £40,000 when new. If it was, you’ll have to pay a surcharge of £310 on top of the £140 flat rate fee until the car is over six years old, no matter which engine option you go for.

Lexus publishes the prices of all servicing on its website, so you’ll be able to budget for your yearly running costs. If your GS is more than five years old, it’ll qualify for Lexus Essential Care, which is a more cost-effective alternative to regular servicing, and the standard hybrid health check is still included in the price.


Used Lexus GS 12-present
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