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Mitsubishi Shogun Sport review

Passenger & boot space

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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

For such a big car, it’s surprising how cramped the front seats in the Shogun Sport feel. The centre console design encroaches on knee room for the driver and front passenger, so it doesn’t feel like there’s a particularly space to squeeze your legs into, while elbow room feels restricted compared with rivals. You have enough space, but it’s strange that it’s not more generous considering the size of the car. Head room and shoulder room are good up front, though.

In the middle row, particularly tall passengers may find head room a little restricted, but otherwise there’s plenty of leg room and shoulder room. Handily, there’s only a tiny hump in the centre of the floor, so middle passengers won’t be uncomfortably straddling anything. The seats can be folded down or even tumbled forward completely to let you either increase capacity for load lugging or allow access to the third row. If you want to collapse the seats, a lever at the base helps them spring forward easily, and if you want to them back in place you just need to pull the seats back; they feel very light, so it’s not difficult.

Seven seats are standard, and if you end up in the third row you’ll find space is fairly respectable for the class. The two seatbases are angled and the floor is quite high in relation to the seats, so you’ll have to bend your knees quite a lot to squeeze in. Head room is predictably limited, but there’s enough space in that rearmost row to shuttle around a couple of adults on a short journey without them being too uncomfortable.

With all the seats in place, boot space is absolutely tiny – far smaller than that offered by the competition – but even with those third-row seats stowed away, boot space isn’t impressive compared with what you get in rival cars. It’s still more than enough for a big family’s holiday luggage, but others offer more for similar money. You can fold down all the rear seats to increase loading capacity, but when you do there are quite a lot of bumps in the floor, so it will be difficult to push in large items from the back.


Mitsubishi Shogun Sport
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