2014 Audi TT interior revealed

* New TT gets 12.3-inch TFT screen * Air-con controls integrated into air vents * Infotainment system upgrade...

2014 Audi TT interior revealed

Audi has revealed the interior of the next Audi TT sports car at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The next-generation TT will be the first Audi to feature the company’s ‘virtual cockpit’ in production form. The uncluttered design, which removes the central information screen in favour of a large display directly in front of the driver, was previewed on Audi’s Sport Quattro and Nanuk Quattro concepts in 2013.

The production-spec cabin isn’t quite as stripped back as the these show cars, but it’s still more minimalist than the Audi A3, which has one of our favourite new car interiors. In the A3, the manual adjustment for the air-con direction and speed is integrated into the turbine-style vents. Audi has gone even further in the new TT though, integrating even the temperature control function across the three central vents. Meanwhile, the blowers at each end of the dashboard can adjust the heated seats.

The most significant part of the cleaner dashboard design is the new 12.3-inch screen that sits within a wide binnacle directly behind the steering wheel. The TFT monitor promises a sharp display that’s easy to read, but also easy to customise. The driver can choose from a ‘classic’ mode with large digital dials flanking each side, or an ‘infotainment’ mode - shown in the images above - that shrinks the speedometer and rev counter to provide a vast space for detailed readouts like the sat-nav.

Audi says that its multi-media interface (MMI) system has also been redeveloped to simplify the paths needed to access certain functions in the computer. The new TT also gets the large rotary bezel MMI controller with an integrated touchpad on top, as seen in the most recent Audi models.

The new Audi TT will be unveiled at the Geneva motor show in March, before going on sale later in 2014.