2017 Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo review verdict, specs, price and release date

The Mercedes V-Class Marco Polo targets glampers who don’t mind paying more for the luxury camper van experience...

05 June 2016
2017 Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo review verdict, specs, price and release date

Will you love owning a Marco Polo? With total confidence we can say you that will. It's a vehicle that you buy for the lifestyle it delivers, and on that score it's a huge success.

Should you rush out and buy one, then? Perhaps - perhaps not.

You see, a top-spec Volkswagen California with all the trimmings costs the same as the entry-level Marco Polo, while the entry-level California is not that far shy of £20,000 cheaper to buy.

You can get a well-specced California on a PCP finance deal for a significantly smaller deposit and lower monthly costs. That is, in part, helped by the ongoing desirability of the California when sold on; its iconic status boosts desirability to Mercedes-like levels.

However, the Marco Polo is highly specced as standard and has a more powerful, more efficient engine, so it's not so far off the pace in terms of pricing. However, it is worth noting how easy it is to bump your bill up further with some of the more luxurious items on the options list, such as the on-board heater, which Brits may consider a must-have. The Marco Polo also out-punches the California for perceived material quality, performance and running cost economy, as you would expect.

The decision comes down to what you want from your campervan, then. If the answer is the most luxurious, best-equipped van with an engine and gearbox that make life that little bit easier, then the Marco Polo is likely for you. If you are prepared to compromise on any of those ideals, though, we’d recommend a thorough comparison with the California.

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Volkswagen California

Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo Specifications

Price £55,055

Engine 4cyl, 2143cc, diesel

Power 187bhp at 5500rpm

Torque 162lb ft at 1400-2400rpm

Gearbox 7-spd automatic

0-62mph 9.8sec

Top speed 129mph

Official economy 44.8mpg

CO2, tax band 169g/km, 32%

Release date Now