2018 Jaguar I-Pace - reader test team review

The £60k I-Pace SUV is Jaguar’s first electric car and the first true challenger to Tesla, but what will our readers make of it?...

Jaguar I-Pace

Tim Hawkes Age 48 Job Sales and marketing director Drives Mercedes-Benz CLS and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Jaguar I-Pace reader test team

“I looked at the Tesla Model S a few years ago, but the market wasn’t quite right, so I bought a diesel saloon and a plug-in hybrid for commuting.

“The biggest advantage of the I-Pace over a Tesla has to be build quality; it’s massively superior in terms of fit and finish. The interior is contemporary but still has some traditional Jaguar elements. I like the metallic detailing and leather dashboard. 

“Jaguar’s infotainment system has moved on a lot; it works well and the graphics are much better. That there are dials to control the air conditioning is great, too.

“This car manages to combine the attributes of a sports car, an executive saloon and a 4x4, with amazing performance, space and off-road capability. It’s the perfect multi-purpose vehicle.

“A 298-mile range is sufficient for 90% of my driving, but only once a manufacturer can offer a 400-mile range will buying an electric car become a no-brainer.

“Some worry about electric cars’ reliability, but there’s actually little to go wrong; they don’t have all the mechanical parts of conventional cars.”

Rated 4 out of 5

Richard Coles Age 66 Job Retired Drives Ford Mustang

Jaguar I-Pace reader test team

“Until recently, I had a diesel Jaguar XF, which was impressive enough, but the I-Pace’s figures are just fantastic; I’d love to experience 0-60mph in 4.5sec!

“My only misgiving is how close it can actually get to its official range, because 298 miles is only just enough for my needs.

“The car’s design is very neat. It makes a statement, but you can tell that it’s a Jaguar straight away from the grille. I also really like the full-length glass roof. 

“The I-Pace is quite similar to Jaguar’s other SUVs, but it feels more spacious, because there’s no engine and the floor is flat. It’s certainly roomy enough for the average family. I’m 6ft tall and have just enough head and leg room in the front and rear, plus there are large storage areas all over the place.

“The I-Pace is a lot pricier than the F-Pace, but I think it’s actually not as well finished inside.

“The dual-touchscreen layout seems to work well, although it reminds me of the latest Volvos’ – not to my personal taste.

“I’ve owned two Jaguars with no problems, and the I-Pace’s battery has a decent warranty [eight years or 100,000 miles], so that inspires confidence.”

Rated 4 out of 5

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