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2019 Mini 60 Years Edition review: gallery, price, specs and release date

The Mini 60 Year Edition celebrates - yes, you guessed it - 60 years of Mini. But how good is this limited edition three-door hatchback?...

Mini Cooper S 60 Year Edition
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Doug Revolta
12 Jul 2019 12:30

On sale Now Price from £29,990

The Mini 60 Year Edition. You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to work out how they chose a name for it.

Still, as the original Mini is one of the most iconic cars on the road, you can’t blame the brand for indulging in some birthday celebrations for its 60th year.

In total, 500 of these three-door-only limited edition models will roll off the production line of Mini's Oxford plant. They'll do it rather quickly, too, as the only engine available is the 2.0-litre turbocharged Cooper S lump.

Mini Cooper S 60 Year Edition

So, with many other ‘special edition’ or ‘anniversary’ versions of cars - it's often the case that the changes are purely cosmetic. So too, with the 60 Year Edition. It’s based on the standard Cooper S, but gets a host of styling tweaks, including this fetching British Racing Green paint, with a black contrast roof.

Mini Cooper S 60 Year Edition bonnet

Plus, you get some Bonnet stripes. And, of course, a 60 Years emblem.

Mini Cooper S 60 Year emblem

In fact, there's very little chance of you forgetting that its Mini's birthday - because the 60 Years motif appears in several different places.

Mini Cooper S 60 Year Edition wheel

And as another exclusive addition to this model, you get these nifty two-tone 17in alloys as standard.

Mini Cooper S 60 Year Edition spot lamp

But possibly the coolest additions to this Mini are these spot lamps fitted to the front radiator grille. The car also gets automatic LED headlights and rear lights for maximum visibility. And the cosmetic tweaks continue inside. Click on to the next page to find out about them...

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