7th Boll King 10997

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7th Boll King 10997

Boll King 10997
RRP 89.00
Best of the web 59.90 (www.outdoorgb.com)
Prescription version From 275



Our testers didn't find the Kings comfortable to wear especially on long drives and the design of the frames mean unfiltered light is allowed to creep into your eyes over the top. The lens' tint is also rather dark, which means the Kings aren't great at dealing with low light conditions, such as mist or fog. Lighter tints (also available) should be better for driving.


Shop around and you'll get a fair bit off the price. We found a saving of 29 at outdoorgb.com, and that includes postage and packing. The Kings come with a lightweight fabric case, which should protect the lenses from scratches but won't help much if you tread on them!

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The lenses are made from polycarbonate a super-tough plastic used to make bulletproof glass. The frames feel a bit cheap, but then they are less than half the price of the winning Serengetis.

Special features

Lenses are made from optical-quality polycarbonate plastic, and brown-tinted versions are also available (with tortoiseshell frames). For an extra 186 (275 in total), Boll will fit some single-vision (not bi- or varifocal) prescription lenses. The Kings filter out all UVA and UVB light, and a 'Carbo Glas' coating applied to both sides of the lenses protects against scratches.