Bentley Continental GT online reveal

* Motor show-style unveiling on September 7 * Site will remain live for one week * Range of camera angles and bespoke 'tours' available...

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What Car? Staff
01 September 2010

Bentley Continental GT online reveal

Bentley will unveil its new Continental GT coupe to the world online next week.

For seven days from 3pm on Tuesday, September 7, Bentley will host the event at

On the site, the company says viewers will be able to enjoy a motor show-style unveiling, as well as choosing from a range of camera angles to take bespoke virtual tours of the car.

Bentley's design director, Dirk van Braeckel, who designed the original Continental GT launched in 2003, said: 'The styling and design story in 2010 is just as dramatic, and we believe this Bentley GT will be as instantly recognisable as its predecessor. We look forward to the moment the cameras are switched on and sharing the new Continental GT with enthusiasts across the world.'

The site is already live now, and although there are no explicit images or details of the new car, visitors to the site can see a short film, which shows fleeting glimpses of the car, as well as showing the designers at work on the new model.