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Best deals on What Car? Used Car Buying

Visitors can browse 145,000 used cars for sale, which all come with a warranty, are less than eight years old and have covered less than 100,000 miles. Here are some that have caught our eye...

Hyundai Kona Electric 18 plate front corner

Electric cars that have a range greater than 250 miles typically cost a fortune to buy. Not so a used Hyundai Kona because it provides a large capacity 64kWh battery pack, and can travel farther than a Jaguar I-Pace, but for less than half the price. It won't be the most practical of SUVs, nor is particularly luxurious inside, but in the areas that count, the Kona Electric is a compelling choice. Just make sure it has had all of its recalls taken care of and you should have a cracking electric car.

We found: 2018 Hyundai Kona Electric Premium 64kWh, 16,275 miles, £25,000

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Hybrid car

Hyundai Ioniq

Search for a used Hyundai Ioniq with What Car? Used Car Buying >>


Investing in green technologies can be expensive, but not if you're looking at the Hyundai Ioniq, which can be bought for much the same price as a conventionally powered family car, yet it returns the sort of fuel economy that would embarrass most value cars. 


Some of the higher trim levels get you luxuries such as heated and cooled seats in the front, but even the least expensive SE comes with all the basics and has many autonomous safety features such as lane keep assistance and automatic emergency braking as standard. It even has a reversing camera to assist you when parking.

We found: 2017 Hyundai Ioniq 1.6 GDi Hybrid Premium, 38,960 miles, £10,290

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Hot hatch

BMW M140i

Search for a used BMW M140i with What Car? Used Car Buying >>

BMW M140i

Most people looking for a hot hatch would be quite content with a Ford Fiesta ST, but if we told you that a used BMW M140i with its 340bhp six-cylinder engine and sub-5.0sec 0-62mph wasn't that much more expensive, you'd think we were making things up. But, it's true: this rear-wheel-drive rocketship is barely any pricier than a fast Ford.

The M140i also has one of the best infotainment systems going, along with a well-appointed (if slightly dull) interior. Plus, when you're not putting your foot down, it has the added cachet of being a refined BMW, whether you go for a six-speed manual or the excellent eight-speed automatic gearbox.

We found: 2017 BMW M140i 5dr, 26,329 miles, £18,500

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Performance car

Mercedes C43 AMG

Search for a used Mercedes C43 AMG with What Car? Used Car Buying >>

Mercedes C43 AMG

AMG is synonymous with hotting up more humble Mercedes models, but the C43 AMG is the performance C-Class for those who find the V8-powered C63 a bit excessive. Mind, the turbo V6 in the C43 still puts out a mighty 385bhp and it is fully capable of deploying all that power thanks to the additional traction provided by four-wheel drive.

The C43 also gets specific suspension tuning with adaptive damping, so you can firm things up if you're in the mood to attack some bends with minimal body lean, or stick everything in comfort and waft on a long motorway cruise. You can have a C43 in one of three different body shapes: coupé (pictured), saloon, or estate. We prefer the saloon version because it's great value, but the estate adds additional versatility. 

We found: 2016 Mercedes C43 AMG Premium 4dr, 39,500 miles, £25,837

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