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Visitors can browse 145,000 used cars for sale, which all come with a warranty, are less than eight years old and have covered less than 100,000 miles. Here are some that have caught our eye...

Nissan Leaf

Unless you're taking advantage of the low benefit-in-kind rates that electric cars enjoy as part of a company car scheme, it can be expensive to join the electric car revolution. Not so with the original Nissan Leaf, though, even if you go for the facelifted model with the larger 30kWh battery pack that brought a useful increase in range.

Electric cars are especially good for those who have the space for a home charger;  you will almost never have to worry about 'filling up' at public charging station, because your car can be topped up overnight. What's more, the Leaf has all the practicality of a conventional family car. And unlike many of its rivals, there are loads of used Leafs out there.

We found: 2016 Nissan Leaf Acenta 30kWh, 35,004 miles, £10,499

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Hybrid car

Hyundai Ioniq

Search for a used Hyundai Ioniq with What Car? Used Car Buying >>

New Hyundai Ioniq vs used BMW 330e

Investing in green technologies can initially be expensive, but not if you're looking at a hybrid such as the Hyundai Ioniq, which can be bought for much the same price as a conventionally powered family car, yet it returns the sort of fuel economy that would embarrass most value cars. 

Some of the higher trim levels get you luxuries such as heated and cooled seats in the front, but even the least expensive SE comes with all the basics and has many autonomous safety features such as lane keep assistance and automatic emergency braking as standard. It even has a reversing camera to assist you when parking.

We found: 2017 Hyundai Ioniq SE, 26,345 miles, £12,190

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Hot hatch

BMW M135i

Search for a used BMW M135i with What Car? Used Car Buying >>

BMW M135i front cornering

Most people looking for a hot hatch would be quite content with a Ford Fiesta ST, but if we told you that a used BMW M135i with its 315bhp six-cylinder engine and sub-5.0sec 0-62mph wasn't that much more expensive, you'd think we were making things up. But, it's true: this rear-wheel-drive rocketship is barely any pricier than a fast Ford.

The M135i also has one of the best infotainment systems going, along with a well-appointed (if slightly dull) interior. Plus, when you're not putting your foot down, it has the added cachet of being a refined BMW, whether you go for a six-speed manual or the excellent eight-speed automatic gearbox.

We found: 2015 BMW M135i 5dr, 27,699 miles, £16,295

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Performance car

Jaguar XE S

Search for a used Jaguar XE S with What Car? Used Car Buying >>

Jaguar XE diesel (2015 on) front three quarters

Want something that's a little more grown-up than a hot hatch but still quick? How about a Jaguar XE S? Only on sale for a few years, this supercharged version of Jaguar's executive saloon has a 340bhp 3.0-litre V6 engine that powers the rear wheels through a very sophisticated suspension setup.

That suspension does mean the XE has rather cramped rear quarters and a small boot, but that's small potatoes considering how well it rides over poorly surfaces stretches of road. And besides, unlike the equivalent Audi S4 or BMW 340i, the XE is something of a bargain. Indeed, the example we found can be had for less than a new entry-level Mercedes A-Class.

We found: 2016 Jaguar XE 3.0 S, 33,989 miles, £21,561

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