Hyundai Ioniq Electric long-term test review: report 8

Can owning an electric car be a viable option even if you can't charge it at home? We're finding out, with the help of the recently facelifted Hyundai Ioniq Electric...

Hyundai Ioniq Electric infotainment touchscreen

The car Hyundai Ioniq Electric Premium SE Run by Darren Moss, deputy editor

Why it’s here To prove that electric motoring is now convenient enough to be an option for someone who can’t charge at home

Needs to Be practical and comfortable, have enough range for longer journeys, even in winter, and slash my running costs compared with a petrol or diesel car

Mileage 3676  List price £35,950 Target Price £34,891 Price as tested £35,605 Test range 170 miles Official range 194 miles (WLTP)

14 April 2020 – Pressing matters

Whether it’s keeping in touch with the office or having easy access to my latest audiobook, infotainment is hugely important to me in a new car. In the Ioniq, I’m able to connect to Apple CarPlay via a USB cable, but what about Hyundai’s own system? Well, the 10.25in touchscreen is crisp and responsive, and in every test I’ve set it, be it route guidance, voice recognition or simply making a phone call, it’s passed with flying colours.

In short, the system fitted to the Ioniq is, I think, not only the best of any modern Hyundai, but among the best you’ll find from a non-premium brand. And I’m not the only one who thinks so because, if you’ll forgive a shameless plug, the Ioniq performed pretty well in our inaugural infotainment megatest, too. The full results, where you can see which rivals my car beat, and which it loses out to, are in the latest issue of What Car?, which is on sale now.

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