Best used large SUVs (and the ones to avoid)

A used SUV with space for the whole family is particularly appealing, especially with a cold winter still fresh in the memory. But the best examples are well worth considering whatever the weathe...

Best used large SUVs (and the ones to avoid)

Best used large SUVs

Large SUVs are often described as the ultimate in space, safety and versatility, so it's no surprise that they're in such demand these days. Thankfully, if you can't stretch to a new one, the used car market has plenty of options for the savvy buyer. But with so many options now available, finding the right model for you can quickly turn into a bit of a headache.

Not to worry. Here, we’ve brought together the 10 best used large SUVs and explained their pros and cons so that you can work out which one is best. So whether your priority is endless practicality, good fuel economy, sporty handling or a classy interior, chances are there's a used large SUV for you here. And to help you further, we’ve even included two that we reckon you should steer clear of.


Best used large SUVs

Volkswagen Tiguan

10. Volkswagen Tiguan

It’s a touch on the bland side but, if you can live with that, the Volkswagen Tiguan is a thoroughly sensible SUV. You get a decent-sized boot that’s a useful, square shape and the interior, while a little dour, is hewn from high-quality materials.

We found 2015 2.0 TDI Bluemotion Tech Match, 27,000 miles, £12,997

Best used large SUVs

Volkswagen Tiguan interior

The Tiguan’s good to drive, too. The majority of versions ride comfortably, smoothing out all but the worst of road bumps, and while you could never call it exciting, the Tiguan is at least crisp and composed in corners.

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Best used large SUVs

Volvo XC90

9. Volvo XC90

Reliability glitches marred some early Volvo XC90s, but more recent cars are dependable, sensible propositions with high-quality, relaxing interiors that make whiling away the miles a doddle.

We found 2014 D5 200 SE Nav Geartronic, 29,000 miles, £20,000

Best used large SUVs

Volvo XC90 interior

What’s more, the XC90 was one of the first SUVs to feature seven seats as standard, making it a versatile buy, and most used examples tend to come well equipped. It’s also pretty good value. Go for a diesel version; petrol models tend to be quick but thirsty.

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Best used large SUVs

Audi Q5

8. Audi Q5

While its ride is a little firmer than some SUVs’, the Audi Q5 makes up for it with crisp handling and a body that doesn’t lean over too far in corners. It combines this with a high-quality interior, plenty of equipment and a range of smooth, punchy engines that make the Q5 every bit the premium SUV.

We found 2015 2.0 TDI 150 Quattro S Line, 12,000 miles, £22,750

Best used large SUVs

Audi Q5 interior

Its popularity means there are plenty to choose from on the used market and, while the downside is that prices are rather high, you get quite a bit for your cash, and you'll get back a decent proportion of what you spent when the time comes to sell.

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Best used large SUVs

Honda CR-V

7. Honda CR-V

Hassle-free and dependable: that’s how Honda aims to build its cars. And in the CR-V, it’s done just that. You can also throw in masses of space, as the boot and rear seats of the CR-V offer a heap of room for luggage and passengers.

We found 2015 1.6 i-DTEC SE, 22,000 miles, £12,990

Best used large SUVs

Honda CR-V interior

True, driving excitement has been taken out of the equation, but in its place the CR-V offers comfort and an easy-going nature. What’s more, there are plenty of high-specification, well-cared-for cars out there to choose from.

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Best used large SUVs

Volvo XC60

6. Volvo XC60

The XC60 built on Volvo’s large SUV experience with the XC90 and operates under a similar premise: comfort, quality and user-friendliness in a large, premium SUV. It certainly delivers; while the XC60 is a little roly-poly to drive, its fluid chassis makes it a relaxing long-distance cruiser, while its smart, tactile interior is a joy to behold.

We found 2015 D4 181 SE Nav, 29,000 miles, £16,900

Best used large SUVs

Volvo XC60 interior

In the back, there’s space for the family and the detritus that goes therewith, and there are some neat design touches and lots of useful cubbies. In short, this is a clever, easy-going SUV that puts the family first. Prices are distinctly reasonable, too.

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Best used large SUVs


5. BMW X5

If you need a truly sizeable SUV but still want it to be fun to drive, the BMW X5 is a great option. A range of punchy petrol and diesel engines are combined with a sharp, responsive chassis and crisp steering to make the X5 one of the most involving SUVs going.

We found 2015 xDrive30d SE Auto, 26,000 miles, £31,334

Best used large SUVs

BMW X5 interior

Most used examples were specified in five-seat form, so finding the seven-seat option is rare – but the five-seater does at least offer a huge boot and acres of space in the rear seats. Prices aren’t excessive, and neither is fuel economy – this means the X5 stacks up as a very recommendable used SUV.

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Best used large SUVs

Kia Sorento

4. Kia Sorento

It’s hard to argue with the value proposition offered by the Kia Sorento. This smart, chunky SUV gives you seven seats as standard, a classy interior that feels far more upmarket than you’d expect for the price, excellent levels of comfort and plenty of equipment.

We found 2016 2.2 CRDi KX-2, 16,000 miles, £22,500

Best used large SUVs

Kia Sorento Interior

What’s more, it comes with a whopping seven-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard – and even if cover isn’t quite as extensive in the later years of that warranty, it’s still more than you’ll get with most used SUVs. And for all this, you’ll pay a very reasonable price, so this is why it’s up there among our favourite used SUVs around.

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Best used large SUVs


3. BMW X3

If you don’t need the space or seven-seat option of BMW’s excellent X5, then the X3 is a great buy. It boasts the same involving handling and a similarly impressive range of powerful engines, yet it’s more efficient than the X5 – and you can have it with two-wheel drive if fuel consumption is a concern.

We found 2015 xDrive20d SE, 29,000 miles, £20,592

Best used large SUVs

BMW X3 interior

SE versions are comfortable, while all X3s have a beautifully crafted interior with one of the best infotainment systems around. That the X3 undercuts most of its less talented rivals as a used buy only adds to its charm.

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Best used large SUVs

Audi Q7

2. Audi Q7

As far as large SUVs go, the Audi Q7 has it all. A classy interior endowed with neat design touches that make the car feel truly special; smooth, cultured driving dynamics; a spacious interior; and seven seats as standard to provide the best possible versatility.

We found 2016 3.0 TDI 218 Quattro SE, 13,000 miles, £39,785

Best used large SUVs

Audi Q7 interior

The Q7 remains the preserve of those who can afford its rather hefty price tag, mind you, but compared with its main rivals it’s actually not bad value – and if you can stretch to it, it’s one of the finest large SUVs on the market.

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Best used large SUVs

Mazda CX-5

1. Mazda CX-5

Among used large SUVs, the Mazda CX-5 is king. It ticks all the boxes any good family SUV needs: it’s practical, spacious, safe and feels classy inside. But look what else you get: most CX-5s come with a heap of equipment, making them great value, because they’re not any more expensive like for like than many more poorly equipped rivals.

We found 2015 2.2d SE-L Nav Auto, 19,000 miles, £17,480

Best used large SUVs

Mazda CX-5 interior

What’s more, the CX-5 manages to be comfortable while also feeling responsive in corners. Throw in Mazda’s clever fuel-saving technology, which ensures impressive real-world fuel consumption, and you have a fabulous used buy.

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The large SUVs to avoid

Vauxhall Antara

The Antara’s certainly cheap – but feels it. It’s tacky inside, and the car is noisy, slow and inefficient. So unless you’re getting one for basically nothing, we’d steer clear.

The large SUVs to avoid

Ssangyong Rexton W

It’s noisy, sloppy to drive, hard to find, dated and thirsty, so unless you need to tow heavy loads for as little cash as possible, it’s hard to recommend the Rexton W.

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