Can I have that car in pink?

* Doctor picks up pink car * Car colour is called Bright Barbie Pink * Even her consultation room is pink...

Can I have that car in pink?

Which question comes to mind first when you look at this picture why is that lady holding a stethoscope on a car bonnet, or why is her car pink?

Well, we have the answer to both questions, so let's put you out of your misery.

The lady in question in this publicity stunt is Dr Elizabeth Hodds, a GP is who is so obsessed with the colour pink that even her consultation room is painted in the colour.

Which, of course, brings us on to that car, a Kia Sorento that is painted what is technically known as Bright Barbie Pink.

Dr Hodds said: 'As a child I always did everything I could to not conform and was never a girlie girl but as I became older my obsession with the colour pink began!'