Car of the Year Awards 2021: Best large electric car for big families

Whatever their flavour, the best large electric cars have the range, comfort and performance to cover long distances without a murmur, plus the space and practicality to act as sole transport for...

The BMW iX3 is great if you only ever need room for five, but what if you want an extra seat or two? Well, the Tesla Model X is one of the few seven-seat electric cars out there and has a far greater range than the more spacious Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life. It’s also significantly quicker, with a sports car-like 0-62mph time of just 4.4sec and surprisingly sharp handling.

Ride comfort is acceptable rather than brilliant as a result, but there’s plenty more to like about the Model X. ‘Falcon wing’ rear doors, which open up rather than out, might look like a gimmick, but they make getting in easier, give more room when fitting a child seat and can be opened in amazingly tight spaces.

Tesla Model X - interior

Then there’s the minimalist interior, featuring a fast-acting, crystal-clear 17.0in touchscreen, plenty of plush materials and a highly adjustable and comfortable driving position. Space is plentiful in row two and reasonable in row three, too. And with Tesla’s fast and abundant chargers, there’s no need to feel anxious as you near the end of the 348-mile official range.