Car of the Year Awards 2021: Large Electric Car of the Year

Many large electric cars take the form of luxury SUVs, but whatever their flavour, the best have the range, comfort, performance and practicality to act as your sole transport...

WINNER: Large Electric Car of the Year

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus

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Put simply, no large electric car balances range, performance, price and technology as well as the Tesla Model 3. It was already hugely compelling, both as a private buy and a company car, but a recent refresh has ensured that it remains at the top of its class.

With an official range of 267 miles even for the entry-level model, it outstrips the smaller Volkswagen ID.3, even though it’s barely any more expensive than top-spec versions of the German car. And like Tesla's pricier Model S and Model X, the Model 3 benefits from the brand's unbeatable charging network, so longer trips shouldn’t prove too much of a faff.

Tesla Model 3 dashboard

Naturally, it comes with plenty of driver assistance features, but you’ll also enjoy twirling the steering wheel yourself, thanks to the precision it offers. And while the four-wheel-drive Long Range version offers more traction, you’ll have to be driving rather briskly before that matters.

Besides, you’ll pay an extra £6500 for the Long Range’s additional motor and bigger battery, and you can buy a whole lot of kilowatts for that. With plenty of space inside, plus the luxury of two boots, the Model 3 is a thoroughly sensible yet desirable choice.

We like

> Dependable, fast charging network
> Temptingly priced
> Surprisingly practical
> Enjoyable to drive
> Stuffed with tech

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