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Car of the Year Awards 2023: Reliability Award

In the our 2022 Reliability Survey, owners told us about almost 25,000 cars, with each model given a rating based on the number of faults, and the time and cost of repairs...

WINNER: Reliability Award


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Best for Reliability 2023 - Lexus

Reliability rating 98.4%

There are three reasons why the luxury brand owned by Toyota topped our Reliability Survey for the sixth consecutive year in 2022: its cars rarely go wrong, when they do its technicians fix them swiftly, and any repairs needed are usually free.

Overall, only 6% of the Lexus models we were told about suffered faults, and most of those were minor. The majority could still be driven and 69% were repaired in a day or less.

The problems that were reported affected six areas: the air conditioning, infotainment system, interior trim, 12-volt battery, bodywork and suspension.

Impressively, while all the Lexus models reported on were hybrids – with complex engineering under the bonnet – none of them had problems with the drive battery, engine or related electrical systems.

Lexus CT 200h

Better still, the owners of cars that did go wrong were looked after extremely well: 80% of repair work was carried out for free, and for those who did have to pay, the bill came to £200 or less.

Its most durable model of all was the Lexus CT family hatchback (above), with a reliability rating of 99.3%. Only 6% of CT owners had to call the garage to fix a problem, and all work was done within a day at no cost, even on cars that were outside the initial three-year warranty period.

The Lexus IS was the most reliable executive car, beating the Audi A3 Saloon and BMW 3 Series with its score of 98.3%. As with the CT, all repairs on the 5% of cars that went wrong were done quickly, for free.

Even in the larger SUV classes, which include some of the least reliable models on sale, the Japanese brand's models perform well. The Lexus RX luxury SUV for example, gained a score of 96.6%.

2nd - Toyota

Toyota bZ4X 2022 interior steering wheel detail

Reliability rating 97.2%

Proving that you don’t have to buy an expensive hybrid to get top reliability, Toyota scores almost as highly as its premium offshoot, Lexus.

The Toyota Aygo city car and other affordable petrol models did just as well as its larger hybrid models. Only 6% of Aygos went wrong, and all were fixed within a week at no cost to owners. No wonder it gained a reliability rating of 99.1%, making it the most dependable small car you can buy.

Petrol and hybrid versions of the Toyota Auris and Toyota Corolla fared well too, scoring more than 97%. The brand's highest-scoring model of all was the Toyota RAV4, with a near-perfect 99.5%.

3rd - Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Shogun

Reliability rating 97.0%

Many Mitsubishi owners were devastated when the brand renowned for rugged 4x4s announced its withdrawal from the UK in 2021.

And no wonder: like the two other Japanese firms ahead of it, it has earned a strong reputation for reliability. Indeed, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross family SUV was one of only four models to get a 100% rating. That means none of the examples we were told broke down or cost its owner a penny in repair bills.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid is a paragon of dependability too, scoring 96.0%. Less than 10% of them went wrong, and those that did were fixed for free.

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